April 27, 2011

Dorman Goes Green

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 What is Green Steps?
Green Steps is an environmental education effort that encourages SC schools to take yearly sustainable steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible.
Current Green Steps Goals:

1. Recycling    
A.  Paper:  Students and teachers collect paper products weekly from classrooms, workrooms and offices.  Approximately 200 lbs. of paper are collected  when 10 bins   are full.  
B.  Plastic and Aluminum:  Cans, bottles and other products are collected in classrooms, in the gym lobby and in the cafeteria for weekly recycling.  
C.  Ink cartridges and bottle caps are collected from workrooms and classrooms. 
2.  Waste Reduction
Students are campaigning to make the switch from Styrofoam to washable plates in our cafeteria and hope to eliminate Styrofoam products entirely from Dorman.
3.  Conserving 
Students are promoting reuse of:  coffee mugs, lunch containers/canisters, paper, clothing and more.
4.  Protecting  
Students pick up litter weekly on campus.  They have posted messages around the school reminding others to not litter and to recycle instead. 
The Green Steps program at Dorman will expand and improve as students, teachers and all employees work together to make our school environmentally strong.
Please join us in our efforts by recycling, reusing, and reducing waste at home!

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