Faculty Directory

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Ken Kiser (Principal)
Marcus Black (Asst. Principal H-Le)
Thomas Brooks (Asst. Principal So-Z)
Michael Bush (Asst. Principal A-Co)
Nathan Crum (Registrar)
Renee Lane (Asst. Principal- Academics)
Tracy Malone (Asst. Principal P-Sn)
Shay Rice (Asst. Principal Li-O)
Bryant Roberson (Asst. Principal Cr-G)
Sarah Frye (Trainer)
Eric Cash (Strength Coach)
Flynn Harrell (Athletic Director)
Paula Kirkland (Asst. Athletic Director)
Letitia Neuder (Athletic Admin)
Sheila Romano (Trainer)
Michael Sobeski (Trainer) 
Rae Danielson (Dept. Chairperson)
Cyrenna Moreno
Stacie Phillips
Brandon Sarver
Ryan Switzer 
Business & Technology
Travis Childers  Cavalier Academy
Krysti Byrd
Teresa Hrubala (Dept. Chairperson)
Consumer Science
Wade Cooper
Mark Dempsey (Dept. Chairperson)
Darryl Smith 
Driver's Ed
Kelly Bailey
Austin Baker
Melanie Campbell
Katie Colwell
Mary Jo Floyd
Brett Gallman
Jennifer Gallman
A'Deana Jones
Denise Latini
Kathie Martin
Donna Mayes
Hilarie Mauldin
Lori Moore (Dept. Chairperson)
Niki Mullis
Heather Mullman
Mary Petty-Revan
Lisa Richie
Bobbie Jean Shepard
Josh Sorrells
Chris Smutzer
Robert Wootton
Clayton Worthy
Sarah Angeles (Philharmonic)
Susan Baier (Orchestra)
Eric Bomar (Art)
Pamela Broome-Haloulos (Drama/Dept. Chairperson)
Dave Bruce (Band)
Del Burton (Band)
Ethan Carroll (Art)
Angela Lemere (Chorus)
Kathryn Patterson (Colorguard/Asst. Band Dir.)
Victor Perez (Drum Line)
Glenda Snead (chorus)
Robert Urban (Art) 
Frances Vaughan (Art)
Christian Williams (Orchestra)
Amy Workman (Art)
Fine Arts
Troy McDowell (Technical Coordinator)
Rusty Milner (Sound Technician)
Leah Wren (Fine Arts Center Director)
Fine Arts Center
Walt Canty (Career Specialist)
Patricia Drummond (Sophomore Counselor Li-Z)
Shannon Hunter (Psychologist)
Jermaine Johnson (Career Development Facilitator)
Michael Lancaster (Senior Counselor M-Z)
Stpehanye McCarroll (Sophomore Career Specialist)
Ann McIntyre (Senior Career Specialist
Peter Mezzanotte (Junior Guidance Counselor)
Andre Miller (Cavaliers Care Counselor)
Melissa Millonzi (Sophomore Counselor A-Le)
Nikki Parker (School-Based Counselor)
Tiffany Sherbert (Junior Counselor Li-Z)
Susan Polson (Director of Guidance)
Tonya Price (Senior Counselor A-L)
Roc Robinson (Behavioral Interventionist)
Patrick Suber (Truancy Counselor)
SFC Mitchell Ames
LTC Clarence Bowser
Kami Appleton
Paige Bobo
Lisa Brewer
Jeff Buys
Alicia Cato
Shalon Hardin
Linda Martin
Ray McCallister
Pam Neely
Jermy Parris
Will Raines
Debora Sanders (Dept. Chairperson)
Laurie Smith
Stormy Smith
Melanie Dillard
Catherine Nelson
Media Center 
David Gutshall
Nicki Hines
Ashley Hyjek
Jack Jolly
Paula Kirkland
Jake Morris
Valorie Whiteside
Physical Education 
Jeneane Allgood
Cale Bonner
Bo Butler
Christy Cannon
Dylan Clavenger
Melissa Craig
Michelle Pfeiffer
Kevin Farmer
Sarah Gaffney
Kevin Marsh
Anna Palmer (Dept. Chairperson)
London Penland
Kim Rawls
Rebecca Richardson
Sheila Romano
Janice Sandlin
Patrick Sellars
Ray Tedder
Lewis Terry
Ashley Adkins (Dept. Chairperson)
Kristine Anderson
Craig Cash
Sheri Cash
Justin Catto
Linda Pearson Goode
Ashley Johnson
Trip Manuel
Libby Regnier
Zac Rich
Thomas Ryan
Brian Scott
Michael Sobeski
Stephane Vernet
Daniel Wyatt
Social Studies
Ellen Ames
Amy Atkins
Denise Boyce
Stephanie Bush-Chastain (Transition Specialist)
Debbie Henderson
Allie Caldwell
Michael Means
Susan McAbee
Taylor Love
Jason McLeskey
Sam Napier (Project SEARCH Instructor)
Lisa Thomas (Project SEARCH Job Coach)
Stacey Walker
Special Services 
Jolene Barron (Attendance)
Joan Blunt (Principal's Secretary)
Pam Brock (Study Hall Supervisor)
Robyn Buckley (Nurse)
Christy Cheshire (Guidance Admin)
Kimberly Deaton (Bookkeeper)
Bobby Duncan (SRO)
Kim Fowler (Nurse)
Dana Gillespie (Receptionist)
Sue Griner (Guidance Admin)
Javan King (SRO)
Katie Pack (Main Office Admin)
Sean Roberts (SRO)
Alvetta Draper (College & Career Center)
Kathy Smith (Guidance)
Amber Wiles (Guidance)
Marica Wilson (Graphic Designer)
Support Staff
Steve Bishop (IT Tech)
Kevin Daniel (IT Tech)
Ray Ladoucer (Network Administrator) 
Technical Support 
Felicia Cannon (Spanish)
Amanda Coates (Spanish)
Hocelyn Coleman (Spanish)
Haley Gregg (Spanish)
Angelia Guest (Spanish)
Denise Latini (French)
Stevie Laughead (German)
Jessel Maldonado (Spanish)
Hilarie Mauldin (ESOL)
Jo Murphy (French)
Lakesha Robinson (Spanish)
Casey Seaman (Spanish)
World Languages 

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